How can I transfer my domain to you?

If you wish to transfer your domain name registration to us please do the following:

  1. Go to the SmartRange Ltd Shopping Cart.
  2. Tick "I want to transfer my domain to SmartRange Ltd".
  3. Enter the Domain Name you wish to transfer in the box below and click "Check Availability".
  4. Click "Add to Cart" and in the next window click "Update Cart" without changing anything in there.
  5. Click "Checkout" and enter your user information. In the field "Notes / Additional Information": YOU NEED TO ENTER THE UADI CODE which you will get from your current registrar.
  6. Click "Complete Order" to submit your transfer.

Note: This process requires that you provide us with your UDAI number. Your current domain name registrar will provide you with this. Without the UADI number, we will not be able to initiate the transfer!


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